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I hate Lori so much…

Reading vol. 2 of The Walking Dead, and I just fucking hate Lori so fucking much. What a bitch so far. Ok, Rick was in a coma. Ok, that’s fucking cool. You left your fucking husband to die in a hospital and then you get some dick from his BEST FRIEND only to turn up and say some shit like, “OH IM PREGNANT!” and let the whole fucking group give you that shade? You’re a dumb bitch Lori. Just fucking dumb. 

Kirkman this book is fucking awesome. 

  1. mercilessrose said: Omg! Yes! And she’s so manipulative too! She made sure someone was taking care of her, then as soon as Rick comes back BAM! “I’ve got my man back, he’ll take care of me” “I still had your ring, baby.” gtfo!
  2. somuchcomics said: Hahaha she goes back and forth for me. I like her for how she sticks up for Rick, but yeah she makes some pretty poor choices (which is human, yeah?). Have you read the series before? Holy crap…the things that happen later… (won’t spoil!!!)
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