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The Art of Lame — A Study in Defensive Play (by FocusFireFeed)


DarkPrince interview by Mike Ross

09ers are just not ready for this kind of shit man… just not fucking ready. #MvC2

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Mike Ross should do another interview with him again, this time on Cross Counter Live and see where the hell he’s been all these years.

Cross Counter started like this. lol

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Easily one of the funniest “Why We Hate You” episodes from Finger Cramp! Not entirely accurate but entertaining nonetheless (I would know because me and JaknDaxX was there!)  

Marvelous Mondays! @FADC puts on some excellent shows showcasing the best in NYC in MvC3! This match was with probably my 2nd favorite MvC2 player, Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly. Frist match was pretty much FREE, but being the champion that he is, Santhrax pulls it together to give us some great matches. 

Honestly, I feel for Santhrax because I too had high hopes for the game and was a bit let down. But I think that was because I didn’t understand the retarded beautiful chaos that is MvC3. It was just so different from MvC2 that I saw combos that didn’t make sense at all to me. I see that Santhrax felt the same way and once he dedicates a bit more time to the game, he will love it! MAHVEL BAYBEE!