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The Return….

MvC2: Romneto vs Sanford .:4.24.13:. (by BrettH123)

Sanford Kelly aka Santhrax playing MvC2 ONLINE… jesus… 

MvC2: Romneto vs Dan VDT .:12.27.12:. (by BrettH123)

The Higher Charlie in action against a classic trap team. 

MvC2: Romneto vs GoForBroke .:9.7.12:. (by BrettH123)

Long Island keeping MVC2 alive! ONLINE and OFFLINE! 


MVC2 Syn Session: Golba Loves vs. Harsh 3/5 (by deadlybison)

Golba has always been my favorite MvC2 player

I don’t think people know how gdlk Dhalsim is in MvC2 is pretty high on the tier list!


Got bored yesterday and made a stick to test my 360 pcb. 

MvC2: Romneto vs FCEngine pt 3 .:7.7.12:. (by BrettH123)


DarkPrince interview by Mike Ross

09ers are just not ready for this kind of shit man… just not fucking ready. #MvC2

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