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TOP 5 EVO 2014 Moments

Man, EVOLUTION 2014 is over. I remember it like yesterday when the Canons and Mr. Wizard announced EVO2014 over 6 months ago and the road to EVO has been the most craziest of rides for the season. But I want to talk about the event itself from the stream warriors view, I was at EVO2012 and loved every minute of it. Missing EVO two years straight hurts my heart. For the first time in quite some time I actually sat down and watched an entire tournament. So I want to give you my own top 5 list of moments that happened at EVO 2014!

5. John Choi vs Daigo the BEAST

Diago in LOSERS? What? That can’t be right, right? The Beast was looking pretty strong in Japan with one of the highest ranking E. Ryu’s in the country along with being one of the strongest players coming into in EVO. Sent in losers early to meet John Choi who is no chump! John Choi is a former 2x EVO champ and judging from the video, he outplayed Daigo’s E. Ryu with his own Ryu like the champ he was! Also to add fuel to the fire, Daigo rumors about him being sent to losers and losing to some player named SHINAKUMA666 was the funniest stuff going all over Twitter! Sorry Daigo, John Choi was just too gdlk 

4. Team WNF vs Team NLBC

The age old rivalry between East & West has been around since the dark ages. This battle was going to be no different. With $1000 up for each respected arcade and a ton of ego and pride on the line, the hype surrounding this exhibition was simply through the roof! As a west coast LA player, I was a bit scared for my squad. We almost lost the NorCal vs SoCal match thanks to Snake Eyez bailing us out, and Team NLBC were full of hungry players like Smug and Zeus leading the helm with Santhrax and Dieminion still strong. But somehow… someway, we proved that Team WNF was just as hungry and wanted to win. Marq Teddy started with the win of Zeus, once the lead went up 3-0, I knew Team WNF had it. Snake Eyez fell to Dieminion but Marq Teddy closed it out showing that Team WNF grind was well worth it and just too much for Team NLBC! Final score 5-1! 

3. MANGO, MANGO, MANGO!  ft. HungryBox

I have been a Mango fan every since the kid came to my house to play Melee and didn’t even play a set. He was just too good, just wanted to chill, eat food and sleep on my couch. He didn’t even need to play to be honest, I’ve seen him play at another friend’s house and he always dominated. So when Mango won EVO 2013, I wanted him to run it back and win it all again. After winning big at MLG Anaheim, he had too much momentum going into EVO this year & surprisingly made sure that never touched Losers! 

Even though I want to give Mango so much love, I have to give it up to Hungrybox too, he bodied some of the best of the best in Losers to get to Grand Finals including Armada! 


Justin Wong has always been one of my favorite players to watch play UMVC3 along with IFC Yipes (luckily, we got him on commentary for Top 8) but every year since MvC3, he always came up short. Justin didn’t win a lot of tournaments like F. Champ or Chris G did, but he did win some of the most important tournaments of his career including MLG (for KI) and SBO. In winner’s Justin faced off against F. Champ, and that was a nail biter through and through. Then faced off against Chris G in Grand Finals to take it all without Chris G resetting the bracket! 

No Doom. No Virgil. No Morrigan. No Zero. 

Just pure heart and skill. Top tier for what?! 


How many of you are familiar with “EVO Moments?" It’s been awhile since we had a real moment hasn’t it? So imagine you’re Garireo. You’re in Losers. You must win 6 games to take it all. The prize pot is over $25,000 for first place. Your opponent is on a winning streak with a very, very strong character. It’s match point back and forth. This is EVO. This is the moment of the life time for you. Over 25k viewers at home and thousands in the ball room. 

Watching grand finals was the hypest match of the tournament, easy. So early in the morning with so much on the line. Garrireo and Dogura was in a dog fight to the very, very end. Both players were mentally spent and pushed each other to the very limit of their skill. It was beautiful. It was fighting games at it’s very finest. That final round in the second set was just the icing on the cake, just proved that no amount of odds are enough to make you give up. 

Those are my top 5, very quick but if you haven’t been to EVO yet, hopefully this will inspire you to go! I know I am going to try my hardest to go back for EVO 2015! 

Love watching high level play for SFxT, glad to see that there are people still playing &  making content for the game.

This is nuts man… it’s MUGEN but awesome 

How the heck?! 

How the heck?!