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End of an Era

Gonna try and hit up  for it’s LAST DAY of Operation on the 31st, everything is free play. T^T

Who is going? I wonder what will happen to the cabinets there? If I had the money, I would buy that 3s Japanese cabinet near the huge MvC2 cabs. But just because FFA is going away doesn’t mean the community dies. Ralph was right, we have to keep on supporting our community via Japan Arcade and Super Arcade (and even Round 1). Hell, we should start supporting these LAN centers as well (DreamLab). 

But it is just sad to see this place go. As a valley kid, this was the spot. It was my local arcade (besides All Amusement which is surprisingly ALIVE at the Burbank Mall!) I felt home there. Bah, I am just saying stuff that I already said earlier. If you live in the area and aren’t doing anything for New Year’s Eve, hit up FFA and have some fun. 

Evo 2012, The Fans (by evo2kvids)

I totally wish I was interviewed man. 

How the Mix-Up all got started… Dax had a thought.. and just made it happen. I was thinking about streaming too! But he just beat me to it! :P So far this shit it tight! Working on some other stuff to help the stream! 

You could help the stream too by simply liking our Facebook fan page! The more likes, the better!